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AWS Cloud Migration

SunNet provides professional AWS migration services to help organizations migrate from a premise server to the cloud environment. Our clients can focus on building their product and growing their business instead of managing the infrastructure. After migrating to AWS, organizations can:

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    Pay for what you use. Reduce the initial expenditure.
    If you use infrastructure for 1 hour, you will only pay for the hour used.

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    Scale up or down services with great flexibility without the need to overthink steep hardware requirements.

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    Serve customers from their nearest locations, reducing latency and decreasing chances of application unavailability.
    AWS also provides the flexibility to host your environment across different regions and availability zones.

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    Lease license over buy your own.
    You can either bring your own license of the software or rent the licenses and save the initial license fee. Organizations can now benefit from many useful and integral software but at an affordable price.

Tips for successful and cost-effective AWS cloud migration

SunNet is dedicated to provide our full effort in supporting clients’ businesses and their projects’ success. We provide professional and cost-effective migration and managed services. Below are some of the tips that we recommend to organizations for a successful cloud migration experience.

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    Professional and qualified AWS engineer experts.

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    Develop a good plan which can be executed in real practice

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    POC is crucial for significant uncertain tasks

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    Close teamwork and effective project management

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    Reserve enough time for testing

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    Manage your AWS and optimize the cost after going live

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