Thinking about building a mobile app to showcase your latest idea? Want a mobile app to complement your website? Continue reading to find out the 5 steps you need to take before building a mobile application.

yes  Do your research. Understand what it is you want in a mobile application. What features and capabilities are you expecting from the finished product?

Para  Create detailed application requirements. Create these requirements using item #1 as a basis, listing the most important features at the top of the list. This will help to ensure you get what you want.

Para  Establish a budget. Depending on your available funds, some features might need to be moved over to phase two. Having well-written requirements will help you prioritize and stay in budget.

Para  Locate a reputable company with a proven track record. Below are a list of questions that you should ask your top choice development companies.

    1. How are project handled?
    2. What is the methodology used for project management and execution?
    3. Will you have direct access to your point of contact?
    4. How are project progress and changes communicated?
    5. What is their definition of a successful project?
    6. Is there a clear procedure for billing out-of -scope items such as add-ons or enhancements?
    7. Can they provide recent references and samples of work?

Para Obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). After you’ve successfully chosen the development company you will be working with, request a NDA from them. The NDA form, also known as a confidentiality agreement, is a legal contract in which the receiving party, in this case, the development company, agrees to not disclose any of the information shared by you, the client, including but not limited to ideas, proprietary information or trade secrets.


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