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MyDataIQ for Pipeline Management

Developed by a team of leading industry experts, myDataIQ is an online, centralized project management & asset maintenance system and one of the best tools to help your company automate work and save time.

myDataIQ is a simple, easy, and effective way to manage

Project Management

Integrates with GPS systems, centralizes project information (assets, parts and documentation),monitors real-time budget/AFE spending and comparisons, oversees all your projects and their activity’s status and schedule, and automatically generates Status and Schedule Report (SSR ).

Asset Maintenance Management

Maintenance activities plan, scheduling, status updates, reporting, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

MyDataIQ will have all necessary information at hand and ready to presented in any format needed for Standard Safety Evaluations, Public Awareness, Drug and Alcohol, Operator Qualification, Integrity Management Programs, Plant Safety Management Inspections, etc.

Drawing & Mapping

React, alter and interface with GIS, CAD drawings, Google Maps, etc.

Integrity Management Programs

Have myDataIQ initially start, perform and store such processes as Risk Analysis, Assessment method selection and intervals determinations, Threat Analysis, P&MM, Periodic Evaluations, etc. Do not leave anything to assumption or guess work, if it is in the myDataIQ database, it will be considered in the process.

Data and Documentation

Query historical activity information, centralize notes/work report, and related documents like safe work procedure. Centralize and share documentation securely within the company.

Contracts & Purchasing

Contractors and Vendor Listings, Bidding Requisitioning, Procurements, etc. Let myDataIQ initially put your list of bidders or vendors together with most current addresses and contacts based on work or parts needed.

MyDataIQ can help you:


Access integrity data from one centralized system vs. several stand-alone systems


Quickly assess information on your own, at any time


Lower operating costs by streamlining your various O&M’s processes


Oversee remediation and on-going work status


Conveniently develop Preventative & Mitigative Measures (P&MM) plans


Analyze and manage historical and current mechanical integrity risks and threat analysis all in one place


Allow the system to help you manage your plan for following compliance protocols


Quickly query and prepare requested audit information

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