Utility Savings Web-based Application


An electricity procurement specialists firm approached SunNet Solutions for a software solution to a business problem. The client assists customers reduce monthly utility cost by taking the customer’s historic utility usages, getting bids from utility companies, and then presenting the customer with a report of projected savings. It took about thirty minutes for an experienced specialist to finish the process manually and the process was error-prone. In addition, the cost for training new employees was high.

SunNet Solutions worked closely with the client to develop an automated application for the firm’s business process.

A backend database was designed and implemented that would store customer’s historic usages as well as various taxes and miscellaneous fees required in order to calculate utility costs. A front-end user interface was developed to allow specialists to enter customer information and bids from utility companies. Within a minute, an easy-to-read report is generated that shows multi-year projected savings. Microsoft .NET and Access database were used in developing the application.


Dramatically reduced the process time

Easy-to-use. Takes minimum training time for new employees

No more human errors

Flexible and configurable 

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